What does “differentiation” mean?

Q. I’ve Googled and YouTubed this thing to death, and I still can’t grasp the meaning of “differentiation.” It seems the opposite of its definition. To “differentiate” means to recognize what makes something different. (more…)

Tumor invasion and metastasis: are they the same thing?

Here are a couple great questions from one of my lovely students regarding invasiveness and metastasis.

Q. I have a quick question on today’s lecture. There is a slide near the end that has a picture of non-invasive carcinoma. For a tumor to be malignant, should it not be invasive? (more…)

Student questions about neoplasia

Questions about neoplasiaNeoplasia can be a tough concept at first. You hear people talk about cancer all the time – but when we use the word “neoplasia” in pathology, it has a very specific definition, and it’s not the same thing as cancer. (more…)

Can you solve this case?

From time to time I like to present little cases as unknowns…kind of like you’d see if you were a medical student or resident rotating through surgical pathology. (more…)