Need neuropathology help, but short on time?

This high-yield neuropathology course breaks content into chunks, spaces them out over four weeks, and tests you several times on what you’ve learned. It’s an easy and painless way to learn (and retain) neuropath.

Four-week ecourse

What the course covers

This mini-course covers 12 high-yield neuropathology topics (like head trauma, Alzheimer disease, and astrocytoma) in four weeks, starting the first Monday after you sign up.

Each topic is covered in a concise, well-organized, nicely-illustrated lesson that you can get through quickly. The lessons focus on tough areas, and give you strategies for remembering the material that you can put to use right away.

How the course is delivered

You don’t have to go to a website to download material – you just have to open your email. Lessons are delivered to your inbox three times a week, with additional, shorter summaries to reinforce what you learned during the week.

You’ll get:

  • Four weeks of material
  • Three lessons a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
  • Weekly recaps on Saturdays
  • A final wrap-up and self-test at the end.

What Students Are Saying about the Neuropathology Mini-Course

The neuropathology course was a wonderful review for boards and money well spent.  Thank you so much!

Melina Shabani, M.D.

I’m a second year student getting ready for boards and your neuropath course is a welcome change of pace for me. I’m looking forward to a career in pathology and the little lessons are a great study break where I can take 20-30 minutes and actually read about something I enjoy!

Shawn Silver

Your style of teaching makes difficult concepts intuitive – and your commentaries are hilarious!

Vivian Hathuc, M.D.

The Bottom Line

Everything's ready to go...

All the background stuff has been done

  • gathering sources
  • distilling information
  • organizing material
  • scheduling study time you can focus on learning.

With all the prep work out of the way,  your time is spent really learning and understanding the material.

You’ll review neuropathology in a minimal amount of time, with a maximum amount of retention.

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