More help!

If you’re just starting your first pathology class, and you’re a little anxious, we’ve got help for you! We’ve already talked in part 1 of this little series about how Robbins is the best pathology textbook out there. But what else can you do besides getting your hands on a version of Robbins?

There are a handful of websites out there (besides Pathology Student!) that are good for students taking pathology courses. Here are my top four picks:

1. Ed’s Pathology Notes (or The Pathology Guy). Nice, detailed, easy to read information on pretty much anything you’d want to know about pathology. I’ve used this a lot, even as a resident. It’s basically a really, really complete set of medical student pathology notes.

2. Webpath. Tons of images (gross and microscopic), along with little clinical tidbits. There’s even a section on general pathology (e.g., infections, inflammation, immune diseases), which is something you don’t see in a lot of atlases.

3. Pathpedia. This website has a nice atlas (with info to go along with each image) and also a bunch of other resources.

4. Pathology outlines. Really encyclopedic (with journal references) but great if you can’t find something in your usual resources. The information is more in outline format (hence the name) than paragraph format – but sometimes that’s preferable.

If all else fails, feel free to email me ( with any questions you have as you get started.