Happy 2015 everybody! I hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday season. Still a few days left to catch up on sleep and watch Netflix…

Each year I like to put together a list of the year’s most-viewed posts. It’s fun to see what people find useful and interesting. Without further ado, here are the the top-viewed 2014 posts.



3 physician




5 Flower power


6 RDw


7 normal ptt


8 junctions


9 heart


10 intrinsic


And here is a list of the most-viewed posts overall (going back to our beginnings in 2009):

1. Conjugated vs. unconjugated bilirubinemia
2. Nephrotic vs. nephritic syndrome
3. Left shift
4. A quick summary of the 6 types of necrosis
5. How can you tell the difference between iron-deficiency anemia and thalassemia?
6. What’s the difference between pemphigus vulgaris and bullous pemphigoid?
7. What is an M-spike?
8. Intrinsic vs. extrinsic pathways
9. How do coumadin and heparin affect the coagulation cascade?
10. The four main types of rosettes in pathology