If you’re a student of pathology, you will at some point be faced with transfusion medicine, and you’ll need to find yourself a good resource for learning the stuff. The best source out there is Blood Bank Guy, created by the incredibly intelligent yet down-to-earth Joe Chaffin, M.D. Notice I didn’t say “one of the best sources” or “a great source” (pathologists are notorious wafflers – things are rarely black and white) – this is hands down the best source for learning anything and everything about blood banking. It’s incredibly complete, accurate, up to date, and – you’ll see – eminently readable (which is something you won’t find anywhere else).

I was very honored when Joe asked if I’d be willing to do a podcast for his BBGuy Essentials Podcast series. (Particularly since I’m not a blood banker!) And he let me talk about one of my favorite topics: how to make your medical presentation awesome. We had a blast covering the 5 most important tips for making an awesome presentation. Along the way we digressed, revealing a few previously untold secrets (Arial literally makes me vomit; Joe had a “basically” compulsion, now overcome). Take a listen – it’s fun, and you might learn something, even if you’ve done a TON of presentations.

Thanks for having me on your show, Joe! Looking forward to seeing what other podcasts you come up with.