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Time is short, and you have a lot of path to learn. So our study guides get you through what you need to know quickly and easily, with a little fun along the way. And they’re always close at hand, on your phone or computer.

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Clot or Bleed

A Painless Guide for People Who Hate Coag

Hate coag? Or just can’t understand it? You’re not alone.

This short-but-complete guide demystifies every part of it (including that damn cascade), with surprisingly easy explanations for tough concepts.

Incredibly helpful. It took an hour, tops, to read this entire book and afterward I was ready to answer essentially any coagulation question. Andrew McNair

The Complete (But Not Obsessive) Hematopathology Guide

This thorough but not-overly-detailed study guide covers all the anemias, leukemias, and lymphomas you’ll need to know for your pathology course (and for boards).

Lots of questions and gorgeous images throughout.

Hands down the best hematology guide you can find. Very high yield. Highly recommended. BD Ayotte

Third-year medical student

Path Bites Anthology

Little essays covering high-yield topics from all general and systems pathology topics. Each one takes just a few minutes to read, making this book a great review source for exams and boards.

Tons of photos, mnemonics, and humor will keep you awake.

Better than Kaplan. Bohdan

Medical student

Hematopathology Compendium

Our best and most popular Pathology Student essays on hematopathology and coagulation topics.

Covers everything from normal blood and bone marrow to anemias to leukemias. Plus a bunch of quizzes.


99 essays on tough hematopathology and coag topics.

Part of a 3-volume Compendium series.

General Pathology Compendium

Our best and most popular Pathology Student essays on general pathology topics.

Covers everything from neoplasia to immunology to transfusion medicine, and all kinds of other topics. Plus a list of the best resources for studying pathology.


29 essays explaining general pathology topics that are often problematic.

Part of a 3-volume Compendium series.

Anatomic Pathology Compendium

Our best and most popular Pathology Student essays on anatomic pathology topics.

Covers everything from cardiac pathology to GI pathology to skin pathology (and everything in between).


63 essays on all kinds of anatomic pathology topics.

Part of a 3-volume Compendium series.

The Top Ten Anemias to Know for Boards

If you want a quick review of just the 10 most testable anemias – something you can get through in 15 minutes – this is it.

There’s also a nice little review of the CBC and blood smear, and a bunch of photos. We also have it in Italian!


This guide is amazing…I want to print it out, it’s so beautiful.

Kevin P.

Second year dental student

Complete Set of Pathology Student Study Guides

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