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Easy ways to supplement your path knowledge

Path Bites

Path bites is a daily email containing a concise little pathology fact. Sometimes there is a photo to illustrate what I’m talking about. It’s an easy and fairly painless way to keep up on pathology, whether you’re in a pathology class or studying for boards. Sign up here (we never share your email, ever).

Blog Posts

Our Blog Posts list is kind of like an RSS feed. Every time I post on Pathology Student (once a week or so), you’ll get a summary email describing the post. It’s a nice way to keep up on what we’re doing here without having to check back all the time. Sign up here (we never share your email, ever):

Top 10 Anemias eBook

Our Top 10 Anemias to Know for Boards book is a short, free e-book that goes over, well, the top 10 anemias you should know about for boards. It’s also helpful if you’re just starting out in hematopathology and you want concise summaries of the most important and asked-about anemias.

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