New Pathology Book

Our new Path Bites book is now available!

I’m really excited about this book. It’s our biggest book so far (615 pages) and also the most comprehensive (it covers almost every chapter in Robbins).

But it’s also really readable, which is something that I think is missing in a lot of pathology books. Each little essay (or “bite”) is about a page long and takes only a few minutes to digest. So you can use the book in many different ways – as a quick, daily path review (one essay per day, maybe), as preparation for what you’re going through in class, or as a nice board review resource.

It’s also really easy to navigate. Although there are 546 essays, you can access them quickly by clicking on the appropriate title in the table of contents. Or you can pull up the bookmarks or table of contents in the left-hand sidebar of whatever program you’re using to read it (Adobe, iBooks, Apple preview, whatever).

The idea for the book came from readers of our daily Path Bites newsletter. Many of you were saving each Path Bite in a folder on your computer for review at a later date. I thought it would be nice to have all the Path Bites from the past 5 years together in one place, organized by systems, and easily accessible with links and bookmarks. But as I got going, I added a lot of new bites, new photos, and new information (and references) from the latest (9th) edition of Robbins. So it turned out to be a bigger and more comprehensive collection than I originally planned.

You can read more about the book here. I’m excited to hear what you think!