Neuropathology Mini-Course

I’m happy to say that I’m finally done putting together our first Pathology Student Mini-Course. Wow, it took a lot longer than I thought it would! But it turned out great, and I think it will be really useful for anyone who wants a nice review that won’t take a ton of time.

The course covers 12 high-yield topics, including some non-diseases (like trauma), some neoplasms (like medulloblastoma), and some non-neoplastic diseases (like Alzheimer disease). I picked these particular topics because over the years I’ve been teaching neuropathology, it seems these are the areas students most often need help with.

The content is delivered to you by email, so you don’t have to go anywhere to check a website, or download anything – it’s all right in your inbox (where you go every day anyway). The lessons pack a lot in – but they are nicely formatted, and concise, so you can get through each one quickly.

The course starts on Monday, January 20th. If you don’t get in before then, it will re-start every Monday, so you’re not missing anything. The official price will be $12.50 – but for now, it’s at an introductory price of $8.50.

Thanks so much to everyone who responded so thoughtfully to my poll (which seems like a long time ago) – I think I incorporated almost everyone’s suggestions.

Let me know what you think – I’d love to hear from you.