Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve…and a peaceful and happy 2013.

Thanks for being a part of Pathology Student – it wouldn’t be as fun without your questions and comments. We’ve grown quite a bit this year. Our Path Bites newsletter has topped 5,000 subscribers, which seems like a lot to me, having started with only a few subscribers a few years ago…and we have about 2,000 visitors, give or take, each day. I feel like we have a real community here and it’s pretty cool!

I thought I’d list the best 10 posts of 2012, as judged by me, and by the number of visits.

1. A quick summary of the 6 types of necrosis
2. A monoclonal immunoglobulin is present – now what?
3. 10 things to be sure you look at when you read a blood smear
4. Owl’s eye nuclei
5. The four main types of rosettes in pathology
6. Does “differentiated” mean it looks different?
7. Help! I’m starting pathology tomorrow.
8. A beginner’s guide to the endocrine system
9. What’s the difference between ischemic and hemorrhagic brain infarcts?
10. How to differentiate between acute and chronic inflammation in sections

And here are some oldies but goodies from past years:

1. Nephrotic vs. nephritic syndrome
2. The retinoblastoma gene is autosomal dominant? Really?
3. Identifying normal leukocytes
4. How to study for boards, part Ipart II and part III
5. The little Orphan Annie tumor
6. Iron-deficiency anemia vs. anemia of chronic disease
7. How can you differentiate between iron-deficiency anemia and thalassemia?
8. Teardrop red cells
9. What is an M-spike?
10. Conjugated vs. unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia