Three tees layered for email smaller1I’m super happy about the way our new t-shirts turned out! It was so much fun to see all the places our first t-shirt went that I knew we’d have to make another one. This time we have a choice: a white shirt with a full-color design, or a colored shirt with a white design.

We gave our Path Bites subscribers first dibs, and we already have some nice photos of the shirt out in the real world. Here is our smiling caduceus tee, worn by a gorgeous group of second year medical students:

Group med


And here’s our red tee, happily sported by a doctor in Tokyo:

Red med


Pre-sale discount

As we did with our last shirt, we’re offering an early discount (and a chance to get the size you want) for people who are Pathology Student regulars! When you order, just enter “First” in the discount box, and you’ll get 15% off. We have a lot of mediums, fewer smalls and larges, and just a few extra-large sizes. The discount will run through October 13.

Which one to get?

We’ve all been wearing them around for the past week and I don’t know which one is the favorite. I think it depends on your mood. The white tee is really soft, fine cotton, and the design is both academic (it’s a medical crest) and fun (the colors are gorgeous and the snakes are smiling). The colored tees are thick, heavyweight cotton in pure black, a nice true red, and a muted, pretty olive, and the design is more restrained (it’s monochromatic and simple). Some days I feel lighthearted and smart – other days the black tee seems more appropriate.