The Complete (but not obsessive) Hematopathology Guide – is here! Check out the cover at the left – click on it, and you’ll be taken to a page that describes the guide and has a place to order.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, this guide will give you a comprehensive – but not overwhelming – review of hematopathology. You know how you want something smaller than Robbins, but more complete than First Aid? Well, this is it. All the diseases you need to know – from iron-deficiency anemia to chronic lymphocytic lymphoma – are covered at just the right level of detail.

For a preview of the sort of writing and organization you’ll see in The Complete (but not obsessive) Hematopathology Guide, check out the Top 10 Anemias to Know for Boards, another, shorter ebook you can learn more about here. It’s a shortened version of the anemias chapter in the Complete Hematopathology Guide – so it doesn’t have as much detail or study hints, but still it’ll give you an idea.

I’d love to hear how you used this study guide – and what types of study guides you’d like to see in the future!