I thought we’d do something a little different today. Take out your pencils and paper, please, we’re going to have a quiz. The answers are in the first comment on this post (so you can’t cheat and look at them!). The following are typical transmitting foods for a particular type of food poisoning. For each food (or group of foods), see if you can name the corresponding food-poisoning-causing bacterium.

1. Meat (especially ham) and custard pastries
2. Chicken, undercooked eggs, processed foods, fruits/vegetables
3. Chicken, raw milk
4. Undercooked ground beef, green leafy vegetables
5. Refrigerated meats, milk
6. Shellfish, sushi
7. Fried rice
8. Hot dogs, milk
9. Home-canned foods, raw honey

Note: The yummy photo of fried rice was taken by fakelvis, and can be found at: