Kristine Krafts

Why I created Pathology Student

I love to teach. And write. It’s kind of weird to go through med school and a pathology residency (along with fellowships in hematopathology and molecular pathology) and end up “just” teaching. People think it’s a little weird (“Why don’t you do real pathology?”) but I don’t really care, because I love my job just the way it is. Here’s more about what I’ve done, if you want an official CV.

I realized after a few years of teaching that one of the things I really enjoy is the freedom I have to teach the way I want. I can make my material organized, clean, and straightforward so that students don’t have to spend a ton of time decoding it, re-organizing it, and trying to figure it all out. That’s a waste of what little time students have (I know, because I vividly remember doing this myself as a student). I can also give it a nice design and make it fun. Why should something so interesting be presented in a dull, boring way? It is really rewarding to be able to save students time and hassle so they can actually learn and understand pathology.

In 2009, I decided to make Pathology Student so I could help students anywhere learn pathology in a fun and easy way, without the typical academic obfuscation and posturing. I started writing Path Bites, a daily email newsletter that takes just a few minutes to read but contains high-yield stuff, so students could keep up on their path in a painless way. That led to writing books, and a little neuropath course, and other stuff that I haven’t revealed yet.

I hope you find a lot of useful pathology information here on Pathology Student. My goal is to spread the path love to as many people – students, residents, physicians, interested people of all types – as possible. Pathology is really cool – and learning about it should be fun!

How to use Pathology Student

There are a few things you may want to do in addition to checking in on the website:

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3. Download the free “Top 10 Anemias to Know for Boards” study guide.

It’s a nice little summary of, well, the ten anemias you should make sure you know for boards. Or for any pathology course. You can find out more here.

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How to contact me

Feel free to contact me at with comments on this blog – or with questions about pathology in general. You can also check in at twitterfacebook or tumblr.

Happy Studying!

– Kristine

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