BBG podcast: How to make your presentations awesome!

If you're a student of pathology, you will at some point be faced with transfusion medicine, and you'll need to find yourself a good resource for learning the stuff. The best source out there is Blood Bank Guy, created by the incredibly intelligent yet down-to-earth...

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How to study for the Step 1 USMLE, part 3

For the third and final part of our series on how to study for boards (see our first and second installments here), we'll take a look at advice from students who have taken the boards over the past few years. The students who just took the exam are your best source...

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How to study for the Step 1 USMLE, part 2

This is the second in a series of three posts on boards (check out the last one, which covered how to choose resources and set up a study plan). In this post, we'll discuss a strategy for how to answer the multiple choice questions you'll encounter on boards, and in...

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How to study for the Step 1 USMLE, part 1

It's April, which means you're probably studying for boards. Or maybe you haven't started studying, but you've spent a lot of time worrying about studying, which in my opinion is even more taxing emotionally. I posted this strategy for studying for boards a while...

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ABO incompatibility in pregnancy

Q. I was reviewing for boards and had a question about blood types and pregnancy. Let's say a mother was type AO and father was type BO and the baby ended up being OO blood type. Assuming the mother and baby share blood, wouldn't the baby produce antibodies against...

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