Blood cookies!

Okay, that was disturbing. But it was a lot of fun making cookies in the shape of different blood cells for our lectures on anemia and leukemia this week! The colors didn't always turn out very appetizing - I was going for realness, though, and I think I nailed it!...

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How to tell a promyelocyte apart from a myelocyte

Here's a quandry you may find yourself in soon, if you have a habit of sitting at the multiheaded scope down in hematopathology. You're looking at a bone marrow smear, and you can differentiate between some of the myeloid cells  (blasts have a high nuclear-cytoplasmic...

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Serum vs. plasma

Q. Quick question for you about serum vs. plasma: I wrote in my notes during class that serum is plasma without the clotting factors. But then in another lecture, the professor talked about coagulation tests, and he said you add reagents to plasma and then wait for...

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