Blood cookies!

Okay, that was disturbing. But it was a lot of fun making cookies in the shape of different blood cells for our lectures on anemia and leukemia this week! The colors didn't always turn out very appetizing - I was going for realness, though, and I think I nailed it!...

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How to tell a promyelocyte apart from a myelocyte

Here's a quandry you may find yourself in soon, if you have a habit of sitting at the multiheaded scope down in hematopathology. You're looking at a bone marrow smear, and you can differentiate between some of the myeloid cells  (blasts have a high nuclear-cytoplasmic...

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New to pathology? Read these posts first!

I'll be honest: studying pathology can be overwhelming at times. Especially in the beginning.   In part 1 of this little series on starting your first path course, we talked about how Robbins is the best pathology textbook out there. And in part 2, we looked at a...

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New to pathology? Check out these websites.

If you're just starting your first pathology class, and you're a little anxious, we've got help for you! We've already talked in part 1 of this little series about how Robbins is the best pathology textbook out there. But what else can you do besides getting your...

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My pathology class starts tomorrow – help!

Tomorrow is the first day of classes for a lot of medical, dental, nursing, physician assistant, medical technology, veterinary, and other allied health students. Most of you will be faced with the beginning of a pathology course tomorrow (or if not tomorrow, soon)....

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