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The Complete Guide Cover Testimonial

“…absolutely genius!”

“I think it is absolutely genius! This is so much better than reading through a dense textbook.”

“…the perfect balance between detail and convenience.”

“You strike the perfect balance between detail and convenience. I will definitely use this to study for boards.”

“…look no further than this handy little book.”

“Haematopathology is one of those subjects which are usually left out of the medical school curriculum, resulting in the fact that many newly qualified doctors have a knowledge of haematology which is sketchy at best. This book aims to address that, and I think it does this perfectly. Unpretentious and concise, it peels the subject to its core, providing an outline of haematology and how different conditions manifest themselves. There is more than enough information to get you through finals, and if, like me, you are interested in the field of haematology but don’t know where to start, you should look no further than this handy little book.

“Some of the passages had me laughing out loud.”

“I work in this field for a living. I would look something up and then find myself reading chapters because it is well thought out and presented logically, completely and with a sense of humor. Some of the passages had me laughing out loud. I would highly recommend this text for any medical technologist,clinical laboratory scientist or hematology intern or resident. A very enjoyable read and comprehensive without being “obsessive”.

“…would not have made it through my heme rotation without your hematopathology study guide.”

“I’m a first year pathology resident and would not have made it through my heme rotation without your hematopathology study guide.  I tried diving right into the WHO book but it was so dense and kept putting me to sleep.  After reading your e-book a few times, I established a solid understanding of the basics and learning heme was so much more enjoyable.  Thank you for the time and effort you’ve put in to creating this wonderful series of study guides!”

“It is an excellent value at this price.”

“This is an excellent brief overview of hematopathology which is very useful for my students– and a useful bit of quick revision for myself. It is excellent value at this price. I suggest that you buy this and read this from end to end before starting a larger text like Jaffe or Naeim.”

“…carry the books wherever I go!”

“I am in my last semester and carry the books where ever I go!!!!”

“Without it, I think I would be feeling completely overwhelmed right now.”

“I’m a Medical Laboratory Science student, and this book is a huge help for me in my Hematology class. I discovered it as we started covering the anemias and leukemias, as there are SO many disorders and it’s difficult to keep them all straight. In my class we’re using McKenzie’s “Clinical Laboratory Hematology (2nd ed)” as our textbook. Our lectures haven’t followed the textbook very closely, but I’ve found the text pretty dense and overwhelming. “The Complete (But Not Obsessive) Hematopathology Guide” has helped me categorize the disorders better so that I can keep them straight in my head. It simplifies things, and has helped me understand the most important points. It is NOT an extremely detailed academic textbook for people who are well-versed in hematolopathology. It’s more of an overall review, with a really nice, easy-to-read conversational tone. Without it, I think I would be feeling completely overwhelmed right now. Instead, I feel like I’ve got a good handle on things.

I haven’t gone through the entire book yet, but I’m excited to check out the rest of it when I get a chance. I will try to remember to come back and update my review when I’ve gone through some of the study questions. I will definitely be getting Dr. Krafts’ “Clot or Bleed” book when we start our Coag class!”


“Your book on hematopathology is excellent. My pathology exam here in Sicily is on February 25 and it helped very much.”

“Robbins…was becoming stressful…”

“I am an osteopathic medical student and we just covered all the skin, blood and lymph material over the last few months. What I enjoyed most was the conciseness of the pdf and the straightforward reasoning. I do read Robbins when I have time but the vastness of this material was becoming stressful so I looked for something less voluminous and I came across these study guides on your website. So thank you and I will be using them when I take both the USMLE and COMLEX step 1 come here in June.”

“…really useful.”

“This is great. I’m using it as one of my resources for hemepath rotation….really useful. Thanks!!”


Clot or Bleed: A Painless Guide for People Who Hate Coag


“I no longer hate coag!”

“I’ve read it! I no longer hate coag!!”

“Do yourself a massive favour and buy this in second year during the haematology block.”

“Kristine Krafts has a gift of presenting incredibly complicated ideas in easy parlance. I particularly love the simplicity with which she presents the three principle determinants of clotting and the clotting cascade. Do yourself a massive favour and buy this in second year during the haematology block.”

“Shoes…you should buy it to find out what I’m talking about.”

“Thanks Dr. Krafts! Exactly as the title says “Painless”. A great overview of coag that is understandable, well organized. Great for Heme classes, board review (which is why I just bought this), and a little humor. Shoes…you should buy it to find out what I’m talking about. Dr. Krafts always has great ways to help remember otherwise dry pathology topics.”

“…a light in the forest…”

“For people who “have nothing to fear but fear itself” when it comes to coag, this is a great book. It’s enough of a light in the forest that the more sophisticated coag books make new and better sense. I recommend it to anyone who feels they just need a better grasp of coag.

“…a precious gift.”

“I am reading your “Clot or Bleed”. I wish to know English better to express my gratitude for such a precious gift.”

“…great and convenient.”

“Everything about it is great and convenient.”

“…well written and even funny at times.”

“It’s easy to understand and well written and even funny at times. I would recomend this book to someone trying to understand clotting factors.”

“It truly has helped me understand things I thought I would never get!”

“I really liked the coag book, very easy to understand. I graduated in August and now am working in a hospital with a surgery/trauma team.  I am using the book so I can understand the clotting system in general as well as how the meds like heparin and lovenox work since we use them on every pt. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!  It truly has helped me understand things I thought I would never get!”

“I feel like a coag champ…”

“I feel like a coag champ now that I’ve studied ur study guide for coag for the past week!”

“…helpful and succinct.”

“The explanations are very helpful and succinct…brilliant.”


“It’s perfect for students.”

“Your books helped me very much, especially, “Clot or Bleed.”

“Your books helped me very much, especially, “Clot or Bleed.” It is a lot easier to remember the material if it is, for lack of a better word, “dumbed” down for you.”

“…delicious sense of humour.”

“It expresses your unquestionable professional talent and your delicious sense of humour.”