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What it is:

This is a thorough but not-too-detailed study guide that covers all the anemias, leukemias, and lymphomas that you’ll need to know for your pathology course (and for boards), plus other stuff (like a review of lab tests and morphology,  answers to typical questions you’ll be asked by attendings, and a reference section with all the important CD markers, stains, and cytogenetic changes).


What students have said:

  • “I am in my last semester and carry the books where ever I go!!!!”
  • “I think it is absolutely genius! This is so much better than reading through a dense textbook.”
  • “You strike the perfect balance between detail and convenience. I will definitely use this to study for boards.”
  • “Your book on hematopathology is excellent. My pathology exam here in Sicily is on February 25 and it helped very much.”
  • “This is great. I’m using it as one of my resources for hemepath rotation – really useful. Thanks!!
  • “I am an osteopathic medical student and we just covered all the skin, blood and lymph material over the last few months. What I enjoyed most was the conciseness of the pdf and the straightforward reasoning. I do read Robbins when I have time but the vastness of this material was becoming stressful so I looked for something less voluminous and I came across these study guides on your website. So thank you and I will be using them when I take both the USMLE and COMLEX step 1 come here in June.”


The short story

If you’re studying for boards, or if you’re faced with hematopathology in your regular pathology course, you might find that you are in need of a thorough but not-too-detailed study guide. The Complete (but not obsessive) Hematopathology Guide gives you an introduction to hematology (with clinical pearls and laboratory tests), lays out a framework for understanding the differences between the big groups of disorders, and then delves into the main diseases. Written specifically for medical and dental students by a veteran professor of pathology, it’s got everything in it that you need to know for boards and for your path course.


Here’s what the guide covers:

  • The basic clinical and laboratory features of hematologic diseases
  • Anemias
  • Benign leukocytoses
  • Leukemias (acute and chronic)
  • Lymphomas (Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin)
  • Myeloma


Here’s why it’s complete (but not obsessive):

  • It covers clinical features, pathogenesis, morphology, immunophenotyping, and genetics
  • It’s easy to understand (no complicated text that you need to re-read three times)
  • There are 40 beautiful color photomicrographs (no blurry black-and-white crap)
  • It will make you look good (it gives answers to the questions most commonly asked by professors and attendings)
  • There are 40 study questions (and answers) addressing disease features most likely to show up on exams
  • It’s got everything you need to know to really understand hematopathology – minus fluff, complicated text, and boring extraneous details.


The Complete (but not obsessive) Hematopathology Guide

113 page ebook (immediate download)


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